Strayed - a dark, atmospheric interactive story


Ever had a lonely night where everything seems just a little bit off? Imagine driving through darkened woods, alone but for the thrum of the engine and the scratching sounds of something - you're not quite sure what - in the back. What happens depends entirely on you.

 Strayed is an interactive story about the lonely woods and one small mistake. 


We've finally released Strayed! Right now it's only available for Android devices, but we hope to add more platforms in the future, if possible. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

About Adventure Cow

At Adventure Cow, we create rich, thought-provoking interactive stories that are easy for anyone to pick up and play. We are a team of game industry veterans, passionate about making interactive fiction more accessible to the general public. Our writers have worked on games published by Failbetter Games, inkle, Choice of Games, and more.

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